Frequently asked questions

If you have question that is not listed here or if the FAQs do not quite answer your question(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are your tours in other languages too ?

Yes, absolutely ! We do provide tours in Spanish.

Are your tours challenging ?

Our tours cover quite a bit of information and ground, yet you will not feel challenged at all. Our routes were conceived with the goal of being as easy as possible, so if you are not used to cycling or are not in great shape, no worries. There are many stops along the way. And remember, this is not the “Tour de France” 🙂

Is the bicycle included in the tour price ?

Sure it is! Unless, of course, some marathon fan decides to do the tour running, all steps are made by pedalling 🙂

Do you accept credit cards ?

If you book on our website you can pay with your credit card. We accept mastercard, visa and american express.

Where and at what time does the tour start ?

The tour meeting point is at 10:30am right opposite the Pullman hotel in Montparnasse.

What is not included?

Consider bringing your camera to capture your Paris bicycle adventure! A little snack or energy bar might also be a good idea to keep you going. Gratuities for your guide are optional but they are always greatly appreciated for outstanding service.